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Yoriyoshi Nakajima (中島自由 Nakajima Yoriyoshi) also known as Destro (デストロ Desutoro) is the leader of a paramillitary terrorist group called the Quirk Liberation Army. he was defeated and imprisoned in Tartarus decades ago but escaped alongside All for One. He serves as the main antagonist of the Quirk Liberation Arc.


Destro is an old man with long hair that he wears back into a ponytail. He wears a paramillitary uniform with a rat insignia on his sleeve (the symbol of the Quirk Liberation Army). There's a black blotch on his face that functions as a sort of mask.


Yoriyoshi Nakajima is a proud and charismatic firebrand who beleives the laws regulating quirk usage are stiffling people's individuality and natural gifts (what he calls their "true selves") in favor of conformity and mediocrity. Due to his strong ideology Desto desires to overthrow the government and institute what he sees as a freer and fairer society.

Destro talks a lot about "freedom" but he certainly doesn't believe that "all men are created equal". Destro is anti-egalitarian and despises the quirkless, seeing them as beneficiaries of a repressive system that enforces their mediocrity on everyone else. This prejudice is shared by most members of his organization


During Yoriyoshi Nakajima's heydey the Quirk Liberation Army was a force to be reckoned with and were rivals to All for One's criminal empire. In many areas of Japan they had sucessfully intimidated civil authorities into submission.

Destro was defeated by a group of heroes including Nana Shimura, Crimson Riot, and Gran Tarino and then rookies All Might and Endeavor.


Overall abilities: Destro remains physically strong and hasn't lost any of his mental faculties despite his advanced age, though he does admit he isn't strong or as agile as he used to be. Another weakness of Destro is that he relies way too much on his quirk in combat.

Charisma: more dangerous even than his quirk is Destro's ability to convince others to fight and die the name of his cause.


Pyrotechnics (パイロテクニクス) Destro can generate and launch bombs, explosives, and other volatile constructs that have various yields from his body and then can manipulate them. Destro's bombs don't need to detonate on impact, he can make them explode immediately after leaving his body (therefore simulatin Bakugo's explosion abilities), he can set them on a timer or can detoante them remotely whenever he feels like it.

Battles and Events

Tartarus Jailbreak

  • Destro and Oji Harima vs Stain
  • Destro and his liutenents vs guards
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